Food Charter

Sacramento Region Food System Charter & Information Sheet (.PDF)
622K Posted 8/13/2012

Meeting Summaries

FSC Meeting Summary 03.13.12 (.PDF)
160K Posted 3/15/2012
FSC Meeting Summary 01.11.12 (.PDF)
163K Posted 1/18/2012
FSC Meeting Summary 09.06.11 (.PDF)
169K Posted 9/7/2011
FSC Governance Workgroup Meeting Notes 06.27.11 (.PDF)
137K Posted 7/21/2011
FSC Meeting Summary 06.07.11 (.PDF)
185K Posted 6/16/2011
FSC Governance Workgroup Meeting Notes 05.25.11 (.PDF)
126K Posted 6/15/2011
FSC Governance Workgroup Meeting Notes 04.27.11 (.PDF)
675K Posted 5/9/2011
Meeting Summary - April 5, 2011 (.PDF)
156K Posted 4/12/2011
Meeting Summary - FSC Governance Workgroup 03.23.11 (.PDF)
150K Posted 3/30/2011
Meeting Summary - 6.22.10 FSC Meeting (.PDF)
Summary of the 6.22.10 FSC meeting at the Sacramento Food Bank.
296K Posted 6/28/2010
Meeting Summary -- October 2009 Workgroups (.PDF)
125K Posted 2/16/2010
Meeting Summary -- January 12, 2010 (.PDF)
286K Posted 2/16/2010
Meeting Summary -- December 2009 Workgroups (.PDF)
This is a meeting summary from the December meetings of all three FSC workgroups: food access, ag sustainability, and education.
189K Posted 1/28/2010


September 2012 Good Food News (Link)
Posted 9/28/2012
May 2012 Newsletter (.PDF)
469K Posted 5/29/2012
April 2012 Newsletter (.PDF)
381K Posted 4/26/2012
March 2012 Newsletter (.PDF)
325K Posted 3/22/2012
January 2012 Newsletter (.PDF)
331K Posted 1/30/2012
December 2011 Newsletter (.PDF)
242K Posted 12/15/2011
November 2011 Newsletter (.PDF)
293K Posted 11/17/2011
October 2011 Newsletter (.PDF)
298K Posted 10/28/2011
September 2011 Newsletter (.PDF)
365K Posted 9/22/2011
August 2011 Newsletter (.PDF)
288K Posted 8/25/2011
West Sacramento Youth Resource Coalition (.PDF)
63K Posted 8/23/2011
July 2011 Newsletter (.PDF)
301K Posted 7/28/2011
April 2011 Newsletter (.PDF)
411K Posted 7/28/2011
May 2011 Newsletter (.PDF)
331K Posted 7/28/2011
June 2011 Newsletter (.PDF)
318K Posted 7/28/2011
Assemblymember Yamada Holds First Hearing of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Select Committee (.PDF)
570K Posted 7/13/2011
Press Release: Sacramento Housing Alliance Awarded Congressional Fellows (.PDF)
0K Posted 6/22/2011
San Francisco Raises the Bar on Urban Ag (.PDF)
From April 2011 Newsletter
34K Posted 4/28/2011
March 2011 Newsletter (HIVE)
1096K Posted 3/25/2011
February 2011 Newsletter (HIVE)
1056K Posted 3/25/2011
January 2011 Newsletter (HIVE)
61K Posted 2/2/2011
RUCS Forum Focuses on Local Food, Rural Jobs, & Infrastructure (.PDF)
39K Posted 1/27/2011
Sacramento Hunger Coalition Completes New Report on “Hunger & Nutrition in Sacramento” (.PDF)
64K Posted 1/27/2011


Sacramento Region CHNA (.PDF)
Presentation on CHNA 2013 by Chris Aguirre at September 25, 2012 FSC meeting.
575K Posted 9/26/2012
Nutrition & HIV (.PDF)
Presention on CARES Nutrition Program by Margie Erwin of CARES at September 25, 2012 FSC meeting.
418K Posted 9/26/2012
Pesticides and Children's Health (.PDF)
Presentation of Asael Sala of Pesticide Watch at September 25, 2012 FSC meeting.
428K Posted 9/26/2012
Sacramento Region Food System Charter & Information Sheet (.PDF)
622K Posted 8/13/2012
Food Literacy Fair Booth Registration Form (.PDF)
Fill out this form and follow the directions on the form to register a booth for your organization at the Food Literacy Fair.
34K Posted 7/31/2012
Next Economy Food & Ag Cluster (.PPT)
Presentation of Kristine Mazzei of Valley Vision @7/10/12 FSC Meeting
1421K Posted 7/31/2012
Land Use Planning & Air Quality (.PPT)
Presentation from Paul Philley of SMAQMD @7/10/12 FSC Meeting (most slides are courtesy of SACOG RUCS project)
7706K Posted 7/31/2012
Rural Housing and Nutrition (.PPT)
Presentation by Dewey Bandy of California Coalition for Rural Housing @7/10/12 FSC Meeting
3384K Posted 7/31/2012
The End of Affordable Housing (.PPT)
Presentation from Tyrone Buckley of Sacramento Housing Alliance @7/10/12 FSC Meeting
2271K Posted 7/31/2012
Hunger Hits Home 2012 (.PDF)
Understanding & Combating Hunger in Sacramento County
3301K Posted 5/21/2012
The Ecology of Magic: Sustaining a School Garden Community Holistically (.PDF)
O.W. Erlewine Elementary School presentation by TIm Keenan, from 3/13/12 meeting
3750K Posted 3/15/2012
School Gardens (.PDF)
presentation by Bill Maynard on 3/13/12
5323K Posted 3/15/2012
Greenwise Joint Venture (.PDF)
3246K Posted 3/15/2012
Bates Elementary School Presentation (.PDF)
presented by Seann Rooney at 3/13/12 meeting
1034K Posted 3/15/2012
Next Economy Food & Ag Cluster Action Areas (.PDF)
From 3/13/12 Meeting
65K Posted 3/14/2012
WayUp Sacramento Presentation (.PDF)
Presented by Joe Devlin at the January 11, 2012 meeting
4404K Posted 1/17/2012
Steering Committee Parameters & Elections Process (.PDF)
Presented at FSC meeting on January 11, 2012
70K Posted 1/12/2012
FSC Directory Presentation (.PDF)
Overview of the FSC Directory, presented at January 11, 2012 FSC meeting
250K Posted 1/12/2012
California Farm Academy (.PDF)
Presentation by Jennifer Taylor from Center for Land Based Learning, FSC Meeting January 11, 2012
8104K Posted 1/12/2012
Nutrition Services Task Force Update (.PDF)
121K Posted 8/17/2011
Healthy Foods Task Force 5 Working Groups (.PDF)
197K Posted 8/11/2011
Community Garden Community Partnership Meeting (.PDF)
4451K Posted 5/4/2011
Craig McNamara Presentation (.PDF)
From 04.05.11 Meeting
7236K Posted 4/11/2011
2010 Hunger & Food Insecurity Report (.PDF)
From 04.05.11 Meeting
3043K Posted 4/11/2011
CNR Webinar Making the Most of New School Nutrition & Wellness Improvements (.ZIP)
2055K Posted 2/10/2011
2011 Action Plan capture (.PDF)
At the January 12, 2011 meeting of the Sacramento Region Food System Collaborative, the group discussed goals for 2011. The four focus areas will be: school lunches and gardens; Edible City; General Plan updates; and the Sacramento Region Food Charter. Below are the goals discussed; this is a raw capture of the information, which will be developed into a 2011 Action Plan.
396K Posted 1/27/2011
Food Access in the Sacramento Region: An Assessment of Access to Healthy Foods in Low-Income Communities in the Sacramento Region (.PDF)
744K Posted 1/28/2010
FSC Workgroups' Priority Areas (.PDF)
The three workgroups of the Sacramento Region Food System Collaborative--food access, ag sustainability, and education--have developed priority action areas in order to affect policy and system change.
181K Posted 1/7/2010
Sac Region FSC Phase 1 Final Report: Executive Summary (.PDF)
Valley Vision submitted a report to The California Endowment January 5, 2010 documenting the work-to-date of the Sacramento Region Food System Collaborative. Click to see the Executive Summary.
527K Posted 11/7/2009
FSC Planning and Strategic Framework (.PDF)
The Food System Collaborative developed a framework to provide structure to system and policy change actions.
97K Posted 10/5/2009